Volunteers are paid in six figures…

Piglets Pre-School’s Management Committee

Piglets is managed by a voluntary committee of parents and carers.  They are responsible for setting pre-schools policies, employment and management of staff, and fundraising. They meet half-termly, usually on a week-night at the setting.   The way the committee is run is governed by the setting’s Constitution, which is available upon request.

Working on the committee provides parents and carers with the opportunity to see what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of a pre-school. You’ll get a chance to see what is right with the setting, as well as what challenges the setting may be facing.  Parental support is vital to the setting’s future.  If you, as a Piglet’s parent, think you’d like to be a member of the committee, then please get in touch

The Annual General Meeting (AGM), was originally held in October of each school year.  However, in recent years, it has been held during the summer term.  At the AGM, the standing committee is dissolved and a new committee is elected. Parents will be asked about their interest in being part of the committee when they enrol their child.

Parents of children who have moved on to ‘big school’ usually decide to end participation on the committee and must be replaced.  If there are are not enough members to be quorate (3 officers and 2 members must be elected), the pre-school will not be allowed to legally operate, so full participation is vital.  

2019-2020 Voluntary Management Committee

The most recent AGM was held on 26th June 2019; the following officers were elected by the out-going committee members to continue the management of the pre-school.

The officers can be contacted below:

Chair: chair@pigletspreschool.org.uk

Treasurer: David Moore

Secretary: Julie Rose

General Members: Elexa Booth; Clare Moore; Laura Travis.

Join the Committee or Become a Friend of Piglets

If you would like to become a committee member or a ‘Friend of Piglets’, please get in contact with us, we’re always grateful for additional help and support.

Our preschool couldn’t survive without the volunteers who give up their time and their family’s time to support us.  Fundraising helps us maintain a setting for future generations of “Piglets”!