Fundraising is essential to help to fund the
pre-school; your help really counts!

How You Can Help!

As a charity funded pre-school, EVERY PENNY counts – support from the community and parents is paramount to our future.

With this in mind, we’ve tried to make fundraising easy using Every Click, Easy Fundraising and Easy Search!  Just click one to search the internet or to buy from your favourite high street shop! You’d be surprised how much shopping online helps our setting; we’ve been able to raise over £400 since setting up our account with Easy Fundraising.

Piglets is ALWAYS fundraising – let us know how you can help!

Other ways to support our setting

As well as our regular fundraising events, we are continually raising funds through other, less taxing means, including the following:

  • Boiler Juice
    If you order your home heating oil through Boiler Juice, please use the following community group code to ensure that Piglets receive 25p for each 100 litres ordered.  One Boiler Juice Customer has raised over 10 pounds for the school using the scheme.  The communtiy code is 34934.

  • My Name Tags give Piglets 20% from each purchase.  Please consider ordering your name tags for school, or for labeling your pots and plastics from My Nametags at and use the School ID 44670 to ensure we get your intended donation.
    IF YOU USE Easy Fundraising to access the My Nametags site, you can increase your donation by an additional 5%!

  • Suttons Seeds Catalogue
    Piglets receives 20% from each order! Catalogues are usually distributed in the early spring with deliveries between May and July.  Ask a member of staff for yours if you would like to take a look.

  • Scholastic Books
    Look for Piglets Pre-Sch – While it doesn’t equal funds towards the school, it equals 20p for every Pound spent towards new books for the setting!

  • Yellow Moon Craft Catalogue
    New catalogs become available for Spring and Christmas ordering.  Ask the setting today!  Our order code is WGR02235.

  • Easy Fundraising
    Shop through Easy Fundraising and you automatically donate to Piglets 1.5% of your purchase!

RAG BAG Collections

One of our ongoing fundraisers is RAGBAG.  We accept donations of clothing, textiles, linen, towels, and shoes throughout the year.  Collection is ongoing, so please bing your items to Piglets in white plastic bags during the week when you drop your child off, or when you pick them up.  Thanks to all for last year’s support –  you helped Piglets raise over £200 pounds just by donating your old, unwanted items!

Gala Days and Fetes

Piglets hold a stall at the annual Gt. Staughton Gala day and the church fete.  Please come along to support the local community, school and our pre-school!

Parish Charity Funding

Thank you Parish Charities for your ongoing support and the very generous grant awarded in 2017, which we are using to help fund our Forest School project.  Fantastic news!

Riverford Organic

Piglets is very proud to announce that since 2013, Riverford Organic Farms have been providing fresh organic fruit to Piglets on a weekly basis during term time.  This helps ensure that everyone has something healthy to eat at snack time.

To find out more about Riveford and their organic food deliveries, please visit their website at