Useful Information and guidelines for Parents

Useful Information

Piglets pre-school has a number of policies and procedures, which are reviewed and approved by the committee and staff annually.


NO Smoking

​No smoking! Smoking is prohibited inside or outside our premises.

Health and Safety

Being a health-promoting setting, Piglets pre-school is keen to encourage a healthy lifestyle and takes the health, safety and welfare of all of our staff and children seriously. The staff perform a health and safety check of the premises and equipment before each session and we undertake risk assessments in line with our health and safety policy.


Please do not bring your child to pre-school if they have an illness or infection. As a communal setting, care has to be taken where there are groups of children to prevent the spread of infection, especially diarrhoea and vomiting.  If your child has diarrhoea and vomiting, or any other infectious disease, 48 hours must have elapsed since the cessation of the diarrhoea or vomiting or end of illness, before the child can be readmitted.

We ask you to inform us if your child has any infections, particularly German Measles (Rubella) or Chicken Pox because of the risks they can present to pregnant women which may be in our setting.  The pre-school will inform other parents and carefully observe any child who seems unwell. Where we are concerned, you will ask to collect your child from pre-school as soon as possible. Please notify staff if your child currently has or has recently been treated for head lice or worms as they can both be dealt with if we work together.

Children of Parent-Helpers

We appreciate any help parents can offer once you’ve been appropriately DBS checked.  If you bring any other children to the setting, they will be your responsibility and are not covered by our insurance policy if we have the maximum number of children present during that session.

The Library

We regularly visit the primary school’s library to enjoy their extensive range of books.  Please take extra care of these books.

Child Protection

Safeguarding our children is of paramount importance. We aim to provide an environment in which children are safe from any form of abuse. Should we have any suspicions, these will be dealt with appropriately and advice sought.


Once parents have left the premises, the main door is locked.  The outside areas are always secured. The front door is opened again at home time.  The front door is the only access and egress point.

Accidents and First Aid

An Accident Record Book is kept for staff and parents to fill in after an accident has occurred within the pre-school setting or whilst in our care. When necessary, basic first aid is applied in pre-school. All accidents are recorded on an accident sheet and are signed by a member of staff and countersigned by the parents.

Fast-Spreading Conditions

Should your child have head lice, worms, HFaM, or any other fast-spreading condition, please let the pre-school know right away so we can take the necessary precautions and actions to help to prevent further spread.

Mobile Devices

Your children want to see your smiling face when you collect them from pre-school.  Kindly refrain from using your mobile devices and cameras at drop-off and collection times, or within the setting.

Behavioural Policy

Behaviour and remarks deemed to be inappropriate or discriminating will be noted and discouraged. It’s important that children practice tolerance, respect and understanding towards others and our staff will offer direction and support where actions are deemed unacceptable.

Reward and positive praise is practiced throughout the pre-school.  We like to recognise children’s achievments and promote good behaviour, including kind words, helpfulness, good manners, sharing and trying new things.  We often use stickers and certificates to reward positive actions.

Equal Opportunities

At Piglets pre-school, we enrol children regardless of race, culture, religion, sex or disability. Staff encourage and promote individuality and recognise that each piglet will work to their own level of achievement; these will be celebrated accordingly.

Special Needs

Children of all needs and mixed abilities will be accepted at the pre-school.  Consultation may be made with parents, specialists, the Office of Children and Young People’s Services (OCYPS) and other advisers to be sure the setting is the right one for them.

Where we feel it is necessary, the pre-school will contact with OCYPS to try to apply for funding and seek professional guidance from an early year’s specialist.  We have a designated member of staff who acts as the Special Needs Co-ordinator.


If at any time you have any concerns, please raise them with the manager or management committee.  We will consider your comments and review accordingly. Should you find the outcome unsatisfactory, you may put the concern or complaint in writing to the Chair and request a meeting with Piglet’s manager and the Chair.

Should your complaint remain unresolved, you can contact Ofsted by:

  • Phone – 0300 123 1231
  • Email –
  • Post  – Ofsted, The National Business Unit Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD