Limited places available, download a registration form


Enrolment is ongoing – registrations for this academic school year are being taken for part-time or full-time sessions, children aged between 2 and 5 years old.  We take part in the government sponsored initiative to provide free early years education to 2, 3 and  4 year olds, so funding your child’s pre-school education is easy and affordable.


Children will be allocated a place at the Piglets pre-School once the registration form and fee is received.  An initial registration fee of £30 is payable via cheque or bank transfer, which is not refundable.


Allocation of Places

Children are allocated places on a first-come, first-served basis. We currently have places available but should we become full in the future, a waiting list will be held to allocate places fairly.  We are unable to offer your child a place at the pre-School until a registration form is completed and the registration fee paid.

Taster Sessions

We welcome visits anytime during the school term. If you’d like to arrange a taster session, please contact us and our manager Suzanne will be glad to arrange a time with you.

​Additional Funding

Some children may be eligible for further funding in some circumstances, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

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Registering your child is easy:

  • Download the form
  • Complete the form
  • Send us the form
  • Send the £30 registration fee
  • Receive your allocation


Our practitioners play a vital role in your child’s development and learning.

By developing a range of fun activities the children learn to understand direct instruction, work within small groups and enjoy dedicated one-on-one time too.

Strong bonds are formed with the child and a home-school link is created with parents.