Our kids LOVE messy play;
uniform is highly recommended!


What to Wear When

From January 2018, children will be required to wear the Piglets logo uniform and bring a book bag with them each session.  Uniform is available to buy online from our approved online embroidered uniform service using this link: https://myclothing.com/  Please type Great Staughton Preschool or Piglets Preschool in to the search bar and select children’s uniform. Or, use the button below for a direct link.


Polo shirts, sweatshirts, cardigans, fleeces and sun caps, drink bottles, labels, book bags, drawstring bags and ruck sacks are now available to purchase.

We encourage parents to send their children in wearing uniform tops and suitable bottoms to prevent their clothes from being spoiled.  We engage in lots of messy play activities and despite the use of tabards, some children still get mucky.

We ask all parents to include a full change of clothes, including socks in their pre-school bag to manage any accidents and to change the children should they get excessively messy or wet during our fun sessions.

All children will need a logo book bag for their work.

Name Labels

Please ensure the clothes your child wears to pre-school are clearly labelled. It is particularly important to label items that are often removed such as hats, coats, gloves, jumpers, shoes.

MyNameTags.com provides hard-wearing inexpensive labels and even better, as a charity, we earn 20% from each order.

School ID: 44670

Independent Dressing

It’s very important that our piglets learn to be independent and learn to dress and undress themselves, particularly when accessing toilet facilities.  Please consider appropriate clothing to help them such as elasticated waists, Velcro fastenings, etc. that are much easier at this age than zips and buttons.

Summer Essentials

During the summer term, please pack a hat and sun cream in your child’s bag as the children will not be able to access outside areas unless they’re suitably protected. Ideally, sun cream will be administered by parents prior to arrival at pre-school.

Winter Essentials

Even when it’s wet, windy and cold, we encourage outdoor play and adventure.  We often go on walks or play in the park so please ensure your child has appropriate clothing including hat, gloves and scarf, a warm coat and some wellington boots.

Nappies and Toilet-Training

If your child is not yet toilet-trained, please pack sufficient nappies, wipes and nappy sacks in their school bag so we can administer appropriate care during the session so they remain clean and dry.  When toilet-training, a good supply of underwear and clothing will be required.

Staff Uniform

Staff wear a logo tabbard but can also opt to wear logo uniform too: https://myclothing.com/staff-uniform/23561.school

Piglets Preschool Great Staugton St Neots


Please, please label your child’s clothing.
Reasonably priced, long-lasting sticky nametags
can be purchased from MyNameTags.

Please use our School ID:


Piglets Preschool Great Staugton St Neots